Adrienne wandering down a foggy path at the top of a ridge

I’m a user experience/service designer/multi-tool information professional based in Victoria, BC. I recently joined the University of Victoria Libraries, where I’m responsible for setting direction on content strategy and governance, information architecture, user experience research and design.

Prior to that, I was proud to work for the BC government alongside the fine folks of the Exchange Lab as a Senior UX Designer. I helped agile development teams create web and software solutions for BC’s Natural Resource Ministries, and supported product strategy with roadmapping and release planning.

Before moving to Victoria, I was the Assistant Manager of Websites & Online Engagement at the Vancouver Public Library, where I led the first website redesign in over seven years. (It was also a responsive redesign and a migration to Drupal 7, because why do one thing at a time?) I also spent five years in North Carolina helping an academic library design new services around technologies – like mobile apps and 3-D printing – and leading their first User Research Team.

When I’m not wrangling pixels or pixel-crafters, I enjoy taking pictures, cooking, eating, hiking, mushroom foraging, crafting, being cat furniture for a chonky guy named Boris Miaw, and driving everyone nuts with my ride-or-die San Antonio Spurs fandom.